About Me 

Blessings and Hello!  


I am The Naturist Goddess, an Earth loving woman exploring the world and what it is to be alive and thriving through spirit. 


About My Journey 


In 2009 I began working as a figure model in a university art class.  Being nude felt so natural to me and was something that I ended up loving, so once my semester was up I decided to continue to pursue it.  


I modeled as a hobby for a number of years while I was at university for my nursing degree.  I had a model mayhem page and tumblr (both now closed) through which I met several local photographers with whom I worked closely over a number of years as I finished my college degree in 2014 and began building a modeling portfolio.


Of course as I grew and changed, I learned much about myself as the years went by and my passion for nursing and modeling created an interesting work-life blend for me.  In mid 2017 I developed a large following on my instagram page.  On New Year's Day 2018 my page, @victoriavantage, was deleted by instagram at 25K followers.  I relaunched my new page @thenaturalistgoddess in February 2018 (and my back up account @thenaturistgoddess) and was fortunate enough to be able to gain traction once again very quickly.  Unfortunately, @thenaturalistgoddess was deactivated by instagram in October 2020 leaving only my @thenaturistgoddess page which was again deleted by Instagram at 80K followers in April 2021.  I continue to post my work on Patreon and OnlyFans only as of May 2021.


In September 2018 I launched my Patreon, the primary hub where I share my naturist lifestyle content to subscribing patrons. This platform enabled me to become a part time nurse and part time, self employed model.  This was one of the most influential changes of my life which has enabled me to travel the world and share the naturist lifestyle with a wider audience. Patreon has also enabled me to donate thousands of dollars to environmental and wildlife conservation efforts all over the world.  I tithe 10% of my earnings each month to worthy organizations that align with my value of conserving and protecting the wild and beautiful places that I am so privileged to visit and make art in.


In early 2020 I developed a plan to open my own naturist retreat in Ohio, USA.  As a nurse, teaching others about self love and meditation has been one of things I’ve been most passionate about, and I feel so alive in the idea of bringing a clothing optional retreat focused on these principles. 

In June of 2020 I published my first book The Natural Spirit: An Introductory Guide to the Naturist Experience.  The book delves into the details of how I came to naturism, stories of my travels, never before seen photos,  and tips, tricks, and advice for others on how to begin exploring the naturist lifestyle.   Digital and audio copies of this book can be purchased in my webstore or you can buy the book through Kindle.  

In August 2020, I secured a "tiny cabin" on 6.6 acres of land in Southern Ohio.  The land is mostly wooded and has many beautiful water features.  I began hosting individuals, couples, and groups for clothing optional and nude events and workshops in Autumn 2020.  The cabin and it's surrounding property is open to the public and can be booked by anyone.  You can follow the cabin at @hummingbird.hollow.cabin on facebook and instagram.   


I look forward to continuing my journey and shifting perceptions about nudity in our culture and providing tools for self growth and awareness.  


Please check out my website, inside you will find my webstore and photo albums.  You can follow the cabin @hummingbird.hollow.cabin on IG or www.hummingbirdhollowcabin.com

With love and gratitude-

Victoria Vantage 

The NaturistGoddess