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A Guide to Transcending Judgement, Shifting Perception, Loving Everyone and Everything and Living More Fully


Among the greatest joys in life is to be able to experience it without inhibition, without judgment, and without fear. Only then can you truly understand what a beautiful and sublime world we live in.


In her guide to the naturist experience, Victoria Vantage shares her passionate journey to living as a naturist. To her, it is about being one with nature as both share the same genesis. 


A survivor of severe abuse and trauma as a child and young adult, Victoria has beat the odds to rise above her circumstances and choose love and faith over everything else.


Love and inevitability of freedom and creation are eternal.


She is thrilled to be sharing her art and naturist experiences with the world and hopes to shift  perceptions about non-sexual nudity and be a role model for others.


Practical, down-to-earth advice is provided to address like-minded people who may be naturists or those thinking of experimenting.  She elucidates that societal perceptions of nudity are overdue for an awakening. 


So, if you are a naturist at heart but afraid or nervous to openly live as one, then you will find quiet comfort in the words of the author. Her wisdom will reassure you. Her thoughts reflect a concern for the environment, for people, and for your own positive naturist experience.


Be open to living as your genuine self. 


This book will make you more open to embracing everything and everyone. It will nudge you to look at things beyond how they appear and really knowing them. 


But, foremost, it is about living more fully!

Bundle- Ebook & Audio Book- The Natural Spirit